The Experience in a Catamaran Tour

Going out on a Catamaran Tour by Papagayo Gulf is a round experience: Visit secluded places, enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the ocean, observe attractive wildlife, have delicious food and drinks and of course...have so much fun with our crew and other guest!

Huge open deck at Catamaran Vision.jpg

A Catamaran Tour by the Papagayo Gulf is really a round full-of-fun experience, as the gulf itself: The delights comes in the form of visiting secluded places and secluded beaches, enjoying swimming and snorkeling in close contact with the diverse wildlife, having delicious food and drinks and of course, having so much fun with our crew and other guest. No matter if you are dancing on the boat, playing volleyball on the beach, having a nice chat in the bar or jumping into the warm waters of the Gulf.

...A catamaran tour by the Papagayo Gulf in Catamaran VISION will always be a fun experience! 

A social experience!

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